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The Nissan LEAF™ campaign was about informing, helping people better understand their world, themselves, and how the Nissan LEAF™ is a fit for both. The Nissan LEAF™ website and digital content needed to help answer this question: am I the new driver?



Nissan answered the barrage of questions people had about the Nissan LEAF™, their concerns about range, performance, recharging, and convenience.


Tools let people relate to the new car on a personal level by helping them understand the degree to which they were ready to go electric.


Social networking tools helped people make connections with friends and fellow new drivers.


Nissan created a totally new way to navigate a site that brings information to users rather than funneling them through a linear process.


Nissan delivered smart, attention-getting content across channels to help people to discover the LEAF™, identify themselves as "the new driver," reserve their spot in line and join the revolution.